Friday, 1 February 2013

Meet The "Real" Barbie And Ken

I've always heard that some people actually want to look like the Barbie and Ken Dolls, but I never believed it till I saw this.

Valeria "Barbie" Lukianova, 23, who sports long peroxide blonde hair, a miniscule waist and large bust, flew from her home town in the Ukraine to New York to meet silicone-pumped 32 year old Justin "Ken" Jedlica.

Unfortunately for them, it wasn't love at first sight because "Barbie" claimed that "Ken" commented on her appearance last year and said she looks like a drag queen. After they met, she bluntly said "He overdid his lips".

"Ken" became famous when it was discovered that he's done 100 surgeries, amounting to about $100,000.

'I've always been into plastic surgery because it's an extension of me being creative,' he said during an interview on The Doctors television show.

Among his surgeries are five rhinoplasties, a cranial brow bone shape and augmentations to his cheeks, lips, buttocks and chin.

On the other hand, "Barbie" admits she wears blue eye contacts, hat she has had breast implants, but insists the rest of her body is completely natural and slender due to daily gym workouts. Make-up and skimpy outfits complete her look.

All I can say is that everyone has their own individual set of problems.

                                                           Before the operations / makeup

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