Friday, 1 February 2013

Balotelli Also Gives A Part Of His Wage To Charity???

Mario Balotelli, who this week completed a £19.5m transfer from Manchester City to AC Milan, has long been an individual whose career has been dominated by controversy and consistently divided opinion.

It also appears that he has long been donating generous amounts of his salary – 'almost half' – to charity, however. And in true Balotelli fashion, this revelation comes from the life he has left behind in Manchester in the form of model ex-girlfriend Tabby Brown.

'He was really careful with his money,' Brown said to The Mirror of her ex-boyfriend who paid to have his £160,000 Bentley Continental GT wrapped in an army camouflage vinyl.

'He said he didn't want to spoil his brother and little sister and was worried people would think he was buying their friendship.

'A friend once told me that he gives almost half his salary to charity'.

What cannot be denied is that Balotelli very much lived the footballer's life. Perhaps his finest form was produced with Italy at Euro 2012, when he and Brown became an item, and when his fame grew even further.

The Balotelli "Hulk" Pose

One particular celebration now known as the "Hulk pose" went viral on the internet – something Brown says Balotelli truly revelled in while revealing he also used his fame to avoid a speeding fine when in Manchester.

'Mario googled himself obsessively to see how popular he was,' Brown said.

'He loved the web craze where people were photo-shopping the "Hulk" pose he did after scoring for Italy in the semi-final [of Euro 2012] and was beside himself when it made it on to Fifa 13.

'We were out in his Bentley once and he got stopped for speeding. But the policeman's face lit up when he saw it was Mario and let him off in return for an autograph!'

Culled from Daily Mail UK

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