Saturday, 18 October 2014

Mario Balotelli and Fiancee Fanny Neguesha Calls It Quits

Apparently, this happened over a month ago and I wasn't even aware. I started suspecting when I went through their instagram pages, and there wasn't even a single picture of both of them together.

According to Belgian glossy magazine NINA, here's what she had to say

'It's definitely over between Mario and me. But I want to highlight this: we have no quarrel. I wish Mario all the best in his life and his football career.

'If you have loved someone, you can't hate him because a relationship went wrong. I can be deeply disappointed in him, but I don't wish him bad things.

'If he needs me, I'll be there for him. As a friend.'

'Mario was my first big love. But I hope there's still another big love left for me.

'I'm still young. One day I want to get married and have kids - what else?' 

'I wasn't prepared for all the attention. In the beginning you're happy when a picture of you goes around the world: 'Wow, so many attention... Just for me?'

'I didn't know that feeling to get all eyes suddenly staring at you. The first weeks it felt like I'd bought a new dress and everyone was giving me compliments.

'But it became an annoying rut. Always being careful what you would wear, how your looks were: tiring. It was like an enormous pressure.' 

It still baffles me how someone can break up with a girl as beautiful as that!!!

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