Friday, 8 August 2014

Dencia Blasts NAFDAC DG

So, for some time now there has been a silent battle between Dencia and the Director General of NAFDAC, Dr Paul Bowtev Orhii.

The reason for their battle, its Dencia's "Whitenicious" cream. Apparently, NAFDAC has been running after Dencia, even threatening her with arrests, claiming that her cream causes skin cancer.

Well, Dencia didnt take it with a pinch of salt. Here's what she had to say...

@iamdencia: Dear Paul Bowtev Orhii,I excluded Dr from your name because I have no respect for hypocrites,I will restrain myself from insulting you because from the looks of things you are the same age as my grandmother and because of the respect I have for her,I respect my elders.I promised myself I wouldn't give you the attention your Thot Ass was seeking but here u go,I am giving you.There you are smiling at a fair and white event in Lagos Nigeria.Do you know the meaning of fair and white?The reason Ebola is spreading in Africa is because useless people like yourself are sitting in high places seeking attention instead or doing your Damn Job.What is the difference between whitenicious and fair and white?oh wait,let me tell you,the little African girl owns a successful skincare company and she will not fuck your old ass or pay you for approval.Let me tell you something I am not that girl,I was born March 26 1988,that means I wasn't born yesterday.Tell those people sending threatening emails to me and my publicist that they will get it good when I get the chance to come for your dumb Asses.Who the fuck are you?Who died and made you judge or God?who will you arrest?chile nigga if you have the guts and big enough balls I dare you "Come to LA or even better when I come to Nigeria try it" you will know the difference between a bee sting and the bite of an Inland Taipan snake.You hypocrite people like you draw Africa back,look at you?do you need some whitenicious for your women?oh wait,no fair and white gave you enough.I hate when stupid mofos get me out of character.You might need to go get a non hypocrite Degree and add to your less smart Dr Degree then wait for me to send for you before you come for me.Boko haram is kidnapping people and hurting people instead of holding meetings to see how you can help you seat there talking Dencia.Always remember u can't have none of this.Nonsense Oloshiiii

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