Monday, 10 February 2014

Timaya Inspired Me To Do More In The House Of God- Djinee

In a new interview with Tribune, Djinee has said it is a fantastic thing to pay tithe, and most people won’t believe Timaya actually encouraged him to do more in the house of God. He said Timaya recently told him that, people wonder why God has blessed him so much, but they do not know that he pays his tithes religiously. One thing Djinee also wants to do now is, to work hard and make more money so that his tithe will increase. The interview after the cut.

Do you have expectations? Where do you want to be in five years?

I have surpassed where I had planned five years back. Everything na God hand e dey. I want to be able to employ labour. I want to help people. I thought about this the other day. I didn’t know you would ask me. I want to make enough money to increase my tithe. Because some few weeks back I met somebody that advised me to (pay my tithe). When I did the tithing thing, I felt so cool. I was like “Man, this feels good!” I am not that person that will broadcast what I do for God. I believe in that part of the Bible that says, “Don’t let your right know what your left hand is doing.” I am not against those who broadcast the philanthropy or aids.

Do you mean you too pay tithes to the church?

Yes, I think it is a good thing. In fact, if there is a way one can reach an understanding with the church to help people in any way, one should do it. It really feels good. I am happy to do it every time. Where I worship, the money is not for the pastor or to some people. It belongs to the church and you will see what it is being used for. I don’t like when pastors live in affluence, while members live in poverty. I believe in empowerment projects for the youth and those who are poor in the church. I would give my tithe to a church that caters for its members. Funny enough, if I tell you the person that really encouraged me to give my tithe, you wouldn’t believe it.

Who encouraged you to pay tithe?

It was Timaya. I know you will be stunned. A few weeks ago, I was in Business Class together with Timaya. We were chatting when he said that people do not understand why God blesses him. He said, he doesn’t miss paying his tithe.

You mean Timaya encouraged you to pay tithe?

Yes. Let me put it this way. It was not that I wasn’t paying before, but he encouraged me to give more. People wouldn’t believe it. If you can get behind people’s outer personae, you will see the real person. Timaya is really a good guy. In answer to your question, I want to make enough money to increase my tithes.

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