Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Justin Bieber's Friend, Lil Za, Gets Released, Then Re-Arrested Immediately

Justin Bieber's live-in pal Lil Za, who was arrested on Tuesday morning at the superstar singer's California mansion for alleged drug possession rounded off a day to forget as he was released from Lost Hills Sheriff's station late last night.

However, before he was let go, he found the time to get arrested again - this time for vandalism inside the jail.

According to a law enforcement source, Za, whose real name is Xavier Smith, was preparing for his release at the station when he lost his temper and damaged a phone inside the holding cell he had spent the entire day in.

Minutes away from posting the $20,000 bail for possession of felony narcotics found during a raid on Bieber's home, Za was re-booked for vandalism according to Lt. Michael Williams after he apparently furiously banged the handset against the dial and and his bail was readjusted to a reported $70,000.

'Zavier Smith was additionally charged with an incident that resulted in felony vandalism concerning a phone located in the holding cell this afternoon at the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station,' said Lt. Michael Williams to

Williams confirmed to MTV News that Za was released from prison late on Tuesday night and that contrary to other reports he damaged 'not destroyed' the phone in his holding cell.

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