Thursday, 30 January 2014

Justin Bieber pleads NOT GUILTY to his Florida DUI as he jets back to Toronto to face charges he assaulted a Canada limo driver in December

Justin Bieber has only just pleaded not guilty to DUI charges in Miami, but now also faces charges of criminal assault for a December incident involving a Canada limo driver.

Bieber was charged on Wednesday for his alleged involvement in a December 30 altercation with a driver who picked up the pop star and five of his entourage from a Toronto nightclub.

Toronto police released a statement saying the limo driver and an unnamed passenger had an altercation during which he was hit on the back of the head 'several times'.

The charge is yet another in a string of recent run-ins with the law, but if Bieber is convicted of assault, federal law allows that the 19-year-old Canadian could very well be deported and banned from working in the United States.

It was initially reported that a member of singer's crew was being investigated. Now, the investigation has taken a turn straight toward the Biebs himself on the very same day he denied he was drunk behind the wheel of a Lamborghini in Florida last week.

On Wednesday evening, reports of Bieber's impending arrival to the Toronto Police station had a crowd gathered eagerly outside the doors

Screams rang out through the Toronto streets when he finally did arrive, flanked by an army of police as little girls and adults alike yelled out his name.

Beiber emerged in a ball cap and winter coat, fresh off a plain from Florida, and quickly made for the station.

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