Sunday, 1 December 2013

And Tyrese Grieves For Paul Walker...

Tyrese obviously hasn't been himself since it was announced that Paul Walker has passed on.

Here are a few things Tyrese posted online. He even went to the accident site!

[ @ ] tyrese My heart is hurting so bad 
no one can make me believe this is real 
Father God I pray that you send clarity over this cause I just don't understand 
My heart hurts it's broken no one can convince me that this is real.... Prayer warriors please pray real hard for his only child, his daughter and family... #HeartOfAnAngel13YrsFamilyForeverWeJustCelebreatedYour40thBirthday..... My God... My God... I can't believe I'm writing this

@ ] tyrese At least I got to say I love you.... #OurLastExchange but our laughs and moments will live forever #ThisIsWorstThanMyWorstNightmare #GodiLoveYouAndiwillneverquestionYou.... But this I just don't understand #PaulForeverFamily #MyHeartHurtsSoBad please pray for his daughter and family...

[ @ ] tyrese I will keep your energy with me forever 
#AshesOfAnAngel fast family around the world we live you and we love you Paul is the heartbeat of this franchise and were gonna see to it that his energy and presence lives on forever 

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