Friday, 22 November 2013

Simon Cowell reveals he's only driven his $1.7m Bugatti TWICE in 3 years!!!

Who would buy a $1.7 million super car and drive it twice in three years?

None other than The X Factor creator and father-to-be Simon Cowell.

The Brit made the admission to Ellen DeGeneres after she teased him about his rare Bugatti Veyron on her show

Ellen was shocked when he said his 'insane' car does 260 miles an hour, asking where he could drive that fast.

The 54-year-old joked, 'I hit 250 on Sunset,' the famously bendy street that runs from the center of Los Angeles to the ocean, quickly adding, 'I'm lying. Police if you're watching...'

In fact, Simon rarely drives himself and when Ellen asked how many times he had taken his fancy car for a spin he said, 'Twice.'

I also gathered that most Lagos and Abuja big boys experience the same problems with their supercars. The milage on most of the cars are barely up to 1000km, because there's no where to even drive them to. What a waste

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