Sunday, 3 November 2013

Matt Cardle And Mel C Are In A Relationship!!!

They've been keeping people guessing about the status of their relationship for months.
But now it has been reported that after weeks of flirty photo opportunities, Mel C and Matt Cardle have actually been involved in an intimate relationship for the past few months.
A source told the Sunday Sun: 'They started seeing each other a few months ago. It was short-lived initially because the passion started to fizzle out.

However, while Mel, 39, and 30-year-old Matt are keen on each other, the difference in their lifestyles has allegedly been the main reason for them not taking the next step and becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

The source claims that mother-of-one Mel has found it hard to keep up with Matt's partying schedule, adding: 'They are having fun but
Matt always has someone on the go.'

The pair set tongues wagging about the nature of their relationship after they released their very steamy video for Loving You, which saw them kissing and embracing on a bed.

Ok, incase you dont know who they are, Matt Cardle is an X Factor UK 2010 winner, and Mel C was a former member of the Spice Girls

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