Monday, 25 November 2013

K.Michelle Admits To A Butt Lift...And Doing "LAHH NY" In Exchange For Her OWN Show

K. Michelle let it all hang out recently when it came to her ASSets.  She admits to getting a butt lift, but swears she doesn't get injections.  We don't know the #NewRules of the Ass game, but the Twiterverse is debating if that makes her booty "real."

The rebellious chick's got something to say to the female butt haters, and explains why doing "LAHH NY" is a trade off to get her own show...

Recently during an interview with Power 105's The Breakfast Club, K.Michelle finally gave a full explanation about her mysteriously growing booty.  While folks everywhere believe she's had some enhancements, esp. recently because some think that thing has doubled in size, K. says she's all real.  Besides that butt lift...

When Angela Yee asked the "V.S.O.P." singer whether she's been getting fat injections, K. said nope.  She did go in to get a butt lift recently, and thanks to getting fat taken out her midsection and losing weight, her booty looks even bigger.

Here's the video of the interview

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