Thursday, 31 October 2013

Why The Kardashian Clan Forgave Lamar

According to Daily Mail

It had been two months since Khloe Kardashian kicked her husband Lamar Odom out of their Tarzana home for reportedly cheating and going on a drug binge.

But the beauty decided to take him back - they were spotted together on Monday at Kanye West's LA Yeezus concert - and with mom Kris Jenner's consent. Now UsWeekly is shedding light on what went down and why, surprisingly, hugs and 'I love you's have recently been exchanged.

Still, Khloe has chosen to not let her husband back in their $4m love nest... yet.

The reunion reportedly took place on October 8 when Lamar begged Khloe, 29, to take him back during a meeting at their home.

He had been drug free for several days and was hoping that would be enough for Khloe to have some faith in him, explains writer Kevin O'Leary.

'Lamar broke down and apologized deeply to her,' the magazine's source says. 'He got clean and that's why she started talking to him again. She was willing to give him a second chance.'

Lamar, who has recently been talking with the Los Angeles Lakers about re-joining their team, wanted a face-to-face with powerful family matriarch Kris.

Khloe decided that was a good idea and wanted to go with him. So just hours after taking him back, she drove him in her white Mercedes G-wagon to mom's gated Hidden Hills spread.

Kris was 'raw' from just announcing her split with husband Bruce Jenner, according to UsWeekly, but heard out Lamar.

'Lamar was super emotional,' says the magazine's source. 'He told Kris he never meant to hurt them or their daughter. He said disappointing them was the biggest mistake of his life.'

Kris teared up, hugged him, and said she 'loved him' but warned that he better never do those awful things again.

As far as where Khloe's relationship stands with her spouse, she has already slept with him again, says the weekly, and professed her love for him.

'She's a tough chick and loves him even after all he put her through,' says the source.

This is a big 180 from last month when she threatened to file for divorce.

'She never wanted to leave him but felt she had to,' a confidant of the magazine says. 'Especially because her family was against her staying while he was on a bender.'

Lamar, 34, has been working out steadily, gaining some weight back, and has been spending time with sober friends in the San Fernando Valley, which is close to where Khloe resides.

As far as taking the next step and allowing him back into the LA-area house they purchased in 2009, that will take a while. There are still some issues.

'Khloe's not past his affairs,' adds the insider. 'This is what Khloe is mainly embarrassed about. She hates the drugs, but the cheating and the lying are harder.'
Plus she's worried about how fans will react to the reunion.

'She doesn't want backlash because she forgave an addict and a cheater.'

The reason Lamar wasn't present at Kim's October 21 engagement to Kanye? Lamar didn't want to bring any 'negativity' to the celebration, says the magazine.
UsWeekly reports that she may be ready to announce they're back together 'in a month or so.'

As far as their fur child BHop - the boxer Lamar bought for Khloe in March - the magazine's source says he's happy and healthy. 'She's got him,' adds their insider.

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