Friday, 6 September 2013

The Unusually Flamboyant Lifestyle Of Floyd "Money" Mayweather

Ahead of his $41.5 million fight on September 14, undefeated boxing champ Floyd Mayweather has lifted the lid on his manic and extravagant lifestyle.

The 36-year-old, widely considered pound for pound the best fighter in the world today, is nicknamed ‘Money’ and judging from the photos he regularly posts on his social media accounts it isn’t hard to guess why.

Mayweather is constantly being photographed showing off bundles of dollar bills and he isn’t shy about spending it either.

The boxer likes to pay cash for most things and typically one of his entourage carries round a Nike duffel containing ziplock bag filled with thick wads of $100 bills

His extravagance is such that he insists on wearing his sneakers just once before he leaves them in hotel rooms. He also only wears his boxer shorts one time before they too are thrown away.

Cars are another extravagance and he has two sets of identical luxury cars color-coded by mansion to help him remember which city he is in – if the car is white he’s in Las Vegas, while black means he must be in Miami.

Inside the ring Mayweather has a reputation for being a showman, while outside it his life maintains the aura of a circus with a vast entourage of hangers on who must be ready to any minute to do whatever he desires, even if that means playing basketball at 2am.

Naturally his entourage goes by the name of ‘The Money Team,’ which also doubles as the name of his apparel business.

ESPN reporter Tim Keown recently followed the fighter on a promotional tour to whip up interest in his fight next week against undefeated Mexican star Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, during around which he spent his money as if it were monopoly notes.

The tour took Mayweather to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he insisted that he and his entourage played basketball.
No one had any gear with them, but that didn’t matter as he simply took everyone to Foot Locker where he splashed out on gear for everyone.

While in the store, Mayweather showed the ESPN reporter his bank account receipt which read $123 million and he said, ‘One account, baby.’

Unquestionably an impressive amount of money, but Mayweather clearly has a seriously spending habit and doesn’t seemed to have considered divesting his wealth into other assets.

According to Forbes, Mayweather was the highest-earning athlete in the world from 2011 to 2012.

During the 11-city press tour, Mayweather flew via on his own private plane, a G5, meanwhile he insisted that his four massive bodyguards fly on a separate plane, a G4, because of his irrational fear of sharing a cabin with that much human bulk.
The staff on his private jet includes a masseuse and a personal barber, even though he keeps his head shaved the majority of the time.

On the first stop on the tour, New York City, the cocky fighter spent close to a quarter of a million dollars on earrings and a necklace for his 13-year-old daughter, Iyanna.

His entourage - Team Money - typically include at least 20 associates who spend most of their time waiting for Mayweather to determine with happens next.

‘We don't know what we're doing until we do it,’ said one of his assistants. ‘You get used to it.’

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