Monday, 16 September 2013

Eric Abidal Says Dani Alves Offered Him Part Of His liver For Transplant

Eric Abidal said on Sunday that his former Barcelona team-mate Dani Alves had offered him part of his liver when he needed a transplant last year.

Abidal told Catalunya Radio that Dani Alves, who now wears Abidal's old number 22, "wanted to give me his liver but it couldn't be" because it would have hurt the Brazil right-back's ability to play. The France defender's cousin ended up donating him part of his liver.

"The story with Dani goes beyond the jersey," Abidal said. "He knows it. Me too. We are friends and we talk about everything. He wanted to support me. And besides, he's a very good person. He was my neighbour and his ex-wife and my wife are friends."

The 34-year-old Abidal had a liver transplant in 2012, keeping him away from football for a year. He returned to make a few appearances for Barcelona before leaving in the summer to join Monaco, whom he now captains.

...I just had a new found respect for Dani Alves. Top lad!!!

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