Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Beef Between J Martins and Wizkid???

Here is what J Martins said in a recent interview. He didn't call any name, but he was referring to Wizkid

“I’m not taking any side, don’t mean no beef, no disrespect, and no hate but let the truth be told. I don’t believe because you feel you have a few change you didn’t have a few years ago and which you cannot guarantee having in a few years to come then you wake up and look at those people who have cheered you up, loved you, supported your music, bought your CD’s, prayed for you, just because you can lay your hands on some phone and you call them ‘poor’. Am not in and will never be in support of anyone who has such bad attitude. “It needs to be corrected, we owe our fans the duty of being good examples that’s why they hold us in high esteem, that’s why you are a role model and if you know you cannot be a good role model you have no business in Music. You don’t know if it’s that person that might help you tomorrow, whoever does that should be checked. You have to decide why you are in the music industry. If you know you cannot be a role model then you have no business being there”

Then Wizkid responded

@wizkidayo: J.Martins.. 1) I never called any of my fans broke....that comment was directed to one person that insulted me...not a fan.

@wizkidayo: J.Martins....2) You have been in this industry long enough to know better than this nd i'm very disappointed about your statement.

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