Wednesday, 3 July 2013

OJB Opens Up On Why He's Requesting For $100,000

There have been some questions about OJB's need for a $100,000 since Juliet Ibrahim mentioned Kidney transplants could be done with $50,000.
The ailing producer explained why he needs that much to Encomuim

"The mistake she's making is that it depends on the hospital you are going to in India. She says she runs a foundation, they might give her a rebate. The procedure itself is $55, 000. When you take out $55, 000, you are left with $45, 000. What about the running cost of the procedure? You don't go to India only to come back and start asking for help again. At least, I need some money to maintain myself for the next one year. So when you factor in all these costs, add air tickets and lodging, you will appreciate what we are talking about.

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