Thursday, 25 July 2013

“I Am Going Nowhere” – Amaechi Speaks On BBC HARDtalk

Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi has appeared on the BBC Hardtalk show to address issues surrounding his highly public dispute with President Goodluck Jonathan.

He spoke about his suspension from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), about his “ambitions” for 2015 and what Nigerian politicians need to address in order to stop political problems harming the economy.

“There are a lot of assumptions being made here and there by different persons about what they think my ambitions are,” he told Shaun Ley.

“What you must know is that I believe in the rule of law. Let’s for the purpose of argument say an ambition exist, nobody has the right to bring down a state because an ambition exist.

“Everybody should allow 2015 for 2015, it’s a bit too early for that.”

“I want everybody to allow Mr. President to preside over the country for the interest of the country.”

Amaechi refused to clear the air about his ambition for 2015 but he said nobody has the right to tell him to run or not to run or even to leave the PDP.

Reacting to his former ally, the Minister of State for Education Nyesom Wike’s comment who said he was fasting so that Amaechi leaves the PDP, Amaechi said: “I’m going nowhere.”

Amaechi projected that if he was going to run, he would have to do it in an alternative party but since he had no plans to leave the PDP party then those making assumptions that he has ambitions to run in 2015 are in for a long ride.

On the issue going on at the Rivers State House of Assembly where alleged supporters of President Jonathan and those of Amaechi have had to be separated by the police, the power struggle has prevented the state assembly from meeting since May.

Amaechi said all that is because all of those whose interest seem to be threatened as 2015 draws nearer are coming up to pursue their very private interests. “As Governor of Rivers State, my purpose is not on that, my purpose is to pursue the goal of which I was elected.”

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