Friday, 15 March 2013

How Kanye West Is 'Begging' Friend Anna Wintour To Put Girlfriend Kim Kardashian On The Cover of Vogue

Kayne West is apparently trying to help Kim Kardashian land a spot on the cover of Vogue.

A source told Star Magazine that the rapper is 'practically begging' the title's editor, Anna Wintour, to feature his five-months'-pregnant girlfriend.

But to date, his pleas have not worked.

Indeed it was previously reported that Ms Wintour said that Kim would grace the front of her magazine 'over her dead body.'

An insider said to Star that while Ms Wintour thinks Kayne is 'terrific', she declared Kim to be 'the worst thing since socks and sandals'.

Kim and Ms Wintour's supposed feud has been well-documented.

Last year it was claimed that Kim, 32, was banned from the Met Gala following an edict from the Vogue honcho.

While Kayne attended the New York party in a bow-tie and suit, his girlfriend stayed at home in LA and tweeted about the star-studded event instead.

A source told Radar Online at the time: 'Anna hates Kim. Why would she be invited to the event?

'It is all the biggest stars in the world and Kim doesn’t fit that bill at all.

'The Met Gala is $25,000 a ticket, but Kim couldn't even buy her way in.'

However, with Kayne set to perform at the this year's punk-themed May 6 event, it is likely that Kim will finally score a plus one spot.

According to Star, Ms Wintour also refused to acknowledge Kim at New York Fashion Week last September.

But despite the alleged animosity, Kanye appears to have no qualms about maintaining a friendship with Ms Wintour, especially given that he runs a high-end fashion label.

While Star magazine reports that Ms Wintour won't give Kim the time of day, the brunette graced the July/August issue of Italian Vogue last year, sporting a sexy pixie haircut.

An insider told the tabloid magazine that Kayne might have better luck getting his girlfriend into U.S. edition if he suggested an 'at-home feature' starring his baby girl, which is due in July.

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