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Bad Things Definitely Happened In The Olympics

The Olympic Games have drawn to a close, and the incredible spectacle will be remembered as one of the most successful events in British history.

But as our triumphant athletes celebrate their record-breaking success and thousands international competitors head back to their respective countries, they will be taking with them more than just some exciting memories of their success in the Olympic stadium, pool or velodrome.
According to one high profile member of Team GB, the Olympic Village was a hotbed (quite literally) of sexual activity, with athletes from every discipline and every nationality making the most of their time together.

The Games provides one of the few occasions in the sporting calendar where athletes of all disciplines intermingle - and with the training and competition heating up, testosterone levels are at an all-time high.
The combination is a recipe for sexual heat, he says.
Choosing to remain anonymous to protect his position within the world-class team, our Team GB member has spilled the beans on some of the antics that went on during the two weeks of the Olympic Games...

'People often think that because you're an athlete you have to behave a certain way,' he says. 'And of course, when we are competing, we are very well behaved. But once our events are over, we need to let our hair down.

'Within the village, teams from different countries are segregated in different parts. Everyone is walking past each other, meeting athletes from different countries.
'They'll start off just swapping pin badges, or some kit. Then as the event progresses, you start visiting other people's dorms, exchanging Facebook or Twitter details and telephone numbers. It starts from there.'

He says that in the first week while athletes are preparing for their events, everyone is very focused.
Then, athletes start getting knocked out in the heats, or their events are early – meaning those athletes have a lot of free time - and a lot of excess energy to expend as well as beginning to get bored - and that's when things heat up.
'In the second week, it starts getting more exciting,' he reports. 'That is when a fellow Team GB athlete and I arranged to meet a couple of Ukrainian athletes from the track and field team who wanted to have a night out in London.
'I got us on the guest list at Mahiki, and the cocktails were flying. There was lots of dancing. I kissed one of the girls – a pretty blonde field athlete with big blue eyes.
'We invited them back to our dorms for some more fun, and ended up leaving at around 1am to go back to the Village.'
The Team GB member says they were not supposed to take girls from other teams back to their dorms – but that as long as the athletes had accreditation to get into the village, the security would usually turn a blind eye to girls being brought into men's accommodation – especially if they were rewarded with pin badges or free kit.
'We snuck the girls into our quarters after I ran upstairs to get the security guards some pins,' he says.
The Team GB members had previously smuggled some contraband alcohol into their accommodation (alcohol was forbidden in the village, and no athlete indulged until they had finished competing): a bottle of blueberry Absolut vodka and a bottle of Disaronno – which they opened and drank together.
Just minutes after the four entered the Olympic accommodation, they found themselves entering into a very steamy situation.
'My friend took one of the girls to the bedroom we shared, while I started kissing the other one in the sitting room. She had an amazing body, obviously, and she was hardly wearing any clothes – just tiny hot pants and a small top.
'Just a couple of minutes after we'd started kissing, she stripped off and stood there totally naked. .

Racy: Hope Solo of the U.S. women's football team said in her experience many athletes 'get down and dirty' during the Olympic Games - even in the open air
'She was asking me to get a condom and have sex with her. I told her she couldn't have me yet as I love to tease and be in control but she kept saying she wanted me.

'Five minutes later the Ukrainian girl who had been with my friend came out of the bedroom – she was wearing just a T-shirt and French knickers. She looked at us and said, “don't worry about me, I'm just getting a drink.”
'I thought I'd test the water, so I said to the girl I was with that I would have sex with her if she had sex with her girlfriend first.
'They seemed really keen, giggling and kissing each other. It was clear that one of them at least had done this before.
'Before I knew it, they were kissing each other and I was kneeling on the floor between them. I don't need to give you the details, but let's just say I was having fun – and so were they.'
'My friend from Team GB was a bit nervous, but soon joined in kissing the girl I'd been with earlier.'
Before long, all four of the athletes were engaged in sex acts in the communal sitting room in the athletes' dorm.
What is even more surprising is that the athlete revealed that this sort of sex party was not a mere one-off.
Indeed, a record 150,000 condoms (50,000 more than at the last Olympics) were made available to athletes who found they still have energy left after competing - that amounts to 15 each for the duration of the 17-day Games.
According to Hope Solo, goalkeeper for the gold medal-winning American women's football team, they are much needed. ‘There’s lots of sex going on at the Olympics,’ she remarked.
Recalling the 2008 Beijing Games, she added: ‘I’ve seen people having sex out in the open, getting down and dirty on grass between buildings.’
'You have a lot of good-looking people wearing very little in the same place – of course things will happen,' our Team GB man says, explaining that a disproportionate number of the athletes are single, thanks to their punishing intensive training programmes.
'We're away on altitude training camps for five, six weeks at a time. It's almost impossible to hold down a relationship.'
But even for the athletes with partners, it's very much a “what happens on tour, stays on tour” mentality, he reveals.
'You could have slept with a different woman every other night of the Games if you wanted to. More if you had your own room, like some of the athletes did.
'In fact, some of the more arrogant athletes would say they could have a woman from a different country every night of the Games.'
Indeed, at Usain Bolt's after-party, held at London club Movida, the Team GB athlete and his friends were propositioned by two very attractive medal-winning Team USA swimmers.
'They asked us to go back to their dorms for some fun, but we declined. We were with the Ukrainians and thought it would be rude to swap countries.'
'Team USA was in general the flirtiest and most up for it,' he reveals. 'Then the Eastern Europeans - they're so laidback.'
Meanwhile, at the same party, 100m and 200m champion sprinter Usain Bolt had to employ security to keep the swarms of girls away.

'It was as if they were on heat,' the Team GB man says. 'Usain was DJing on the decks, and there were women everywhere throwing themselves at him.'
Mentioning no names - and certainly not implicating Usain, whom he said was fending the women off, the team GB athlete revealed that sprinters have the reputation as being the biggest womanisers – and are the most likely to find themselves with a different woman every night of the games.
'The sprinters are the worst,' he says. 'Partly because they are well-known.
'But they like to go to strip clubs. Personally, I think it's sad to waste £20 on a dance with a woman you can't touch.
'Unless you're a high profile sprinter, being an Olympic athlete is not like other sports where you're a recognised face.
'You can't use it to get girls. I'm not the best looking guy around, nor am I the worst – but girls seem to like my accent. I find it opens doors, along with my ability to come across confident rather than arrogant - there is a fine line.
'You have to talk to the girls, ask about them and what events they are competing in without talking too much about yourself.'
'I prefer to chat to girls and have a seductive conversation. Being competitive I love to raise the bar in the conversation and find this way more satisfying than a lap dance with no happy ending.'
Sprinters and happy endings aside, when it comes to the discipline whose athletes are most up for flirting and fun, our man insists it it the female swimmers who are the most up for it – followed by the track and field athletes, he says.
'The swimmers are all but naked in the pool all day, and the girls are staring at men in Speedos,' he said. 'It's no surprise they're up for it.
'It's all the blue collar sports where the athletes are more likely to be up for a good time – athletics, swimming, boxing. The kind of sports that anyone can get into.'
The least likely to 'put out', he says, are those from the so-called 'upper class' sports – namely equestrian and rowing: the sports dominated by wealthy people from private schools.

'They are the most reserved. Those girls will say that Mummy and Daddy say they aren't allowed out, that they have to be in bed early,' he says. 'You can waste hours talking to a rider or a rower – she'll never come home with you.'
His top tip? Find out what sport the girls do early on so you don't waste your time.
'Competitors all have the same badge, marked 'athlete' – so you have to ask early on to avoid wasting your time,' he says. 'Avoid anything horsey or rowers.'
The Olympic beach volleyball teams were a popular attraction, with many male athletes (and in fact Prince Harry) attending the games at Horseguards Parade.
But according to our man, it was more difficult to pick the volleyball girls out back at the Village.
'One of my friends was talking to a Canadian single skulls rower for hours. I told him she was just being polite, but he thought she was really into him. I went over to test my theory, inviting her back to ours for a drinking game.
'But she said she didn't drink, and that all the girls in her dorm had to be in bed by 9.30pm. He would never have got anywhere.'
The Team GB member said much of his fun during the Games came courtesy of (Britain's largest marital affairs dating website, with over 700,000 members). They offered athletes free membership during the Games – and he took advantage.
'Most members are married and looking for a fling,' he says. 'I'm single, but it suits me – no strings attached. I had so many emails during the Games, it was incredible.'
Now that it's all over, the Olympic Village antics will come to an end. But the athlete says many of the sportsmen and women who hooked up during the Games are still in touch.
'That's the beauty of social networking,' he says. 'And when the Commonwealth Games comes around, the fun can start all over again.'

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