Thursday, 9 February 2012

Belts... A Necessity Or An Accessory???

There is usually a silent panache linked with a well dressed man. His shoes, watch, belt and scent makes up about 60% of his statement. 

As one of the important fashion accessories for both men and women, belts come in different shapes, sizes and types. People usually have different types of belts in order to match with their different dressing. We all know that the basic function of a belt is to keep the trousers firm on the waist, but it is no longer only a requirement to help keep trousers in place today. It is also a great accessory that helps people to look more fashionable and stylish. 

This is a fact. There are more and more types of belts being introduced each year. Owning one belt is no longer enough. Of all the belts I’ve owned (which is quite a lot), the one that really does it for me is the Hermes belt with their signature “H” logo. The brand image of Hermes is always set up on the upscale and high-quality style, together with the unique French taste. 

The logo "H" on the Hermes belt illuminates the mark of H's family and becomes the unique symbol of it. No matter how mature a man is, as long as he’s got an edge for fashion, he’ll always appreciate a Hermes belt. The belts are adorned by both celebrities and people who pay part with monies for luxurious items

Kim Kardashian in a Hermes Belt

Lindsay Lohan in a gold Hermes belt

Kelly Rowland spotted with different types of Hermes Belt

Cristiano Ronaldo donning a Hermes belt

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